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Prime facts
-Name: Sarah
-Age: 13
-Location: Toronto
-Age you act: Pff sometimes 3 sometimes 7 sometimes my age.
-Location you wish you were: Californiaaaa!

-Drink: Pepsi
-Actor: Evan Peters
-Cheese: ON A STICK
-Sexual Position: Eh?
-Books: Hmmm Tithe it's about faeries
-Old School toy: My Little Pony

This or that
-Regular or Mechanical Pencil? Mechanical
-Eaten alive by mosquitoes or eat Marmite for the rest of your life? Moskitas!
-Sex with ToLo or Chalky? Chalky
-Croc-a-wear or Rock-a-wear? Croc-a-wear lmao
-Friends in low places or enemies in high places? Friends
-Drunk sex or Bad sex? Bad
-One Night in Paris or Sex in a car on a steamer that hit an iceberg? Paris I guess
-Audrey Hepburn or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Audrey

-Give us a pick-up line. (No “What’s your sign”): hey baby i'm the new milkman where do you want it the front or the back. i'm not a guy but it made me laugh cause my nickname is milkman
-Make us laugh: i fell in my bathtub from dancing and broke my ankle lmao
-What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? what i just said or getting my head cut open from going down hill in a shopping cart

-Promote somewhere. Anywhere. alright just a second batman

-What makes you “Sex to the Max”?
my usage of words like spiffy and nifty and rad and HOLY KLEENEX BATMAN!

the end. <2+1
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