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Prime facts
-Name: Nicole Ashley Baker
-Age: 16
-Location: Massachusetts
-Age you act: 16
-Location you wish you were: anywhere in Europe.. Southern France preferably.. bc obviously that's where Johnny Depp lives

-Drink: Cranberry juice
-Actor: Johnny Fucking Depp
-Cheese: Swiss
-Sexual Position: they all work for me
-Books: Stinky Cheese Man book, Sybil, Les Miserables and any books including sex
-Old School toy: definately Ninja Turtles... you CANT beat ninja turtles

This or that
-Regular or Mechanical Pencil? regular
-Eaten alive by mosquitoes or eat Marmite for the rest of your life? eaten alive by mosquitos
-Sex with ToLo or Chalky? ToLo
-Croc-a-wear or Rock-a-wear? Rock-a-wear
-Friends in low places or enemies in high places? enemies in high places
-Drunk sex or Bad sex? drunk sex
-One Night in Paris or Sex in a car on a steamer that hit an iceberg? one night in paris
-Audrey Hepburn or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Jennifer Love Hewitt

-Give us a pick-up line. (No “What’s your sign”): Excuse me. I'm from the FBI, the Fine Body Investigators, and I'm going to have to ask you to assume the position.
-Make us laugh:
My Dad:

My Best Friend:

-What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? walked into a door, got up, then walked into it again

-Promote somewhere. Anywhere.

-What makes you “Sex to the Max”? Because I, Nicole Baker, am in all aspects, the definition of the word sex, and, any other phrases that go along with it.

me on the left

im on the left
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Well, this community is pretty dead, but sex never dies so I'll say yes.
As the one and only guy in Sex to the Max,

I say, the sex has continued and you got my vote