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Prime facts
-Name: Ashley Lynn Frattara
-Age: 16
-Location: Filthadelphia
-Age you act: anywhere between 6 and 16
-Location you wish you were: London or Florence

-Drink: Sprite
-Actor: it’s a toss up between Ewan McGregor and the darling Johnny Depp
-Cheese: mozzarella
-Sexual Position: all of them
-Books: none at the moment but I am sure that once I get around to reading the cool books with the stripes on the cover that Genny recommended…I’ll really like them. I have one just haven’t gotten around to it yet…I’m terrible, I know.
-Old School toy: candy land or the my little pony doll thingies

This or that
-Regular or Mechanical Pencil? mechanical
-Eaten alive by mosquitoes or eat Marmite for the rest of your life? marmite
-Sex with ToLo or Chalky? I shudder at this thought
-Croc-a-wear or Rock-a-wear? Roc-a-wear because I am SO gangster
-Friends in low places or enemies in high places? friends
-Drunk sex or Bad sex? Drunk sex
-One Night in Paris or Sex in a car on a steamer that hit an iceberg? Well, I’ve been to Paris so I choose the sex
-Audrey Hepburn or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Audrey. Jen is just a wannabe.

-Give us a pick-up line. (No “What’s your sign”): Is your mom a theif? Because she must have stole all the stars in the sky and put them in your eyes.
I have another one…Is your dad a boxer? Because you’re a knockout.
-Make us laugh: have one conversation with me…im bound to have you rolling.
-What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? Probably going to egg someone’s house and almost getting caught by my mom.

-Promote somewhere. Anywhere.
-What makes you “Sex to the Max”? I am Ashley. Enough said. Oh and I am like 2% British.

Oh yeah, add some pictures if you want. BUT, the British thing is back. IF YOU'RE A HOT BRITISH GUY OF COUSE WE WANT TO SEE YOU....

 Pictures you say? becky will appreciate the first two:                                                                   
And here's one of the damn sexiest beast ever:

and one of me:

Hope you like it!

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