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Prime facts
-Name: Ashley Lynn Frattara
-Age: 16
-Location: Filthadelphia
-Age you act: anywhere between 6 and 16
-Location you wish you were: London or Florence

-Drink: Sprite
-Actor: it’s a toss up between Ewan McGregor and the darling Johnny Depp
-Cheese: mozzarella
-Sexual Position: all of them
-Books: none at the moment but I am sure that once I get around to reading the cool books with the stripes on the cover that Genny recommended…I’ll really like them. I have one just haven’t gotten around to it yet…I’m terrible, I know.
-Old School toy: candy land or the my little pony doll thingies

This or that
-Regular or Mechanical Pencil? mechanical
-Eaten alive by mosquitoes or eat Marmite for the rest of your life? marmite
-Sex with ToLo or Chalky? I shudder at this thought
-Croc-a-wear or Rock-a-wear? Roc-a-wear because I am SO gangster
-Friends in low places or enemies in high places? friends
-Drunk sex or Bad sex? Drunk sex
-One Night in Paris or Sex in a car on a steamer that hit an iceberg? Well, I’ve been to Paris so I choose the sex
-Audrey Hepburn or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Audrey. Jen is just a wannabe.

-Give us a pick-up line. (No “What’s your sign”): Is your mom a theif? Because she must have stole all the stars in the sky and put them in your eyes.
I have another one…Is your dad a boxer? Because you’re a knockout.
-Make us laugh: have one conversation with me…im bound to have you rolling.
-What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? Probably going to egg someone’s house and almost getting caught by my mom.

-Promote somewhere. Anywhere.
-What makes you “Sex to the Max”? I am Ashley. Enough said. Oh and I am like 2% British.

Oh yeah, add some pictures if you want. BUT, the British thing is back. IF YOU'RE A HOT BRITISH GUY OF COUSE WE WANT TO SEE YOU....

 Pictures you say? becky will appreciate the first two:                                                                   
And here's one of the damn sexiest beast ever:

and one of me:

Hope you like it!

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ahahah Gen is going to kill you.

I love it.

-Sex with ToLo or Chalky? I shudder at this thought

Good answers, very good. And you're 2% British? No clue but I say yes because I'm nice to everyone.
yes. Gen will want to shoot me or something. but you have to admit that picture is awesome. lol
Because you like Johnny Depp and you put that picture of Genny on there.

Oh and the Nicholas pictures too are greatly appreciated.

Oh and did you ever get to egg that person's house? I've always wanted to do that.

Oui, oui.
NO! we never got the chance to do the egging. It was like 2 am and my mom was out so me and my friends snuck out, eggs in head all ready to do it. then i saw a car that looked just like my moms and i was SO not getting caught. So we threw the eggs in random directions and ran back to my house. lol

but we shall try again because we are so great.
Yeah, yeah. You're in. Although, that picture is really bad and I am irate at the fact that it is here. Oh well, You are still awesome.

<33 Gennizzzzle
One time I skipped school and then locked myself out of my car and had to call my mom.

Kind of along the same lines of the egging thingy.