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Prime facts
-Name: Christoph Gandelfini…AKA..Latin Lover…AKA Chris
-Age: 16
-Location: Bensalem
-Age you act: I would say my shoe size but that would be lying cause I act younger than 12…and you know what they say about big feet…….the more stank
-Location you wish you were: New Hampshire….or Britain so I could be admired by the lovely Trio who are K, G, B

-Drink: I like shots of Apple Juice and Water..and Iced Tea as well
-Actor: Johnny Depp def. and then Brad Pitt, and maybe a little old school with Tom Hanks
-Cheese: Sharp, Cheddar, and American
-Sexual Position: 69 style…..or just any
-Books: Stinky Cheese Man
-Old School toy: Power Rangers…come on you know you loved it

This or that
-Regular or Mechanical Pencil? Mech…Cause then I can draw on my books and even if my lead breaks I can just crank a new piece
-Eaten alive by mosquitoes or eat Marmite for the rest of your life? BOTH! Jk…
-Sex with ToLo or Chalky? Hmmf……why put evil pictures into my mind..TOLO!
-Croc-a-wear or Rock-a-wear? Croc
-Friends in low places or enemies in high places? Friends in Low
-Drunk sex or Bad sex? Drunk…you will forget about it..haha
-One Night in Paris or Sex in a car on a steamer that hit an iceberg? One night in Paris..I don’t know how I feel about the foggy windows…my ass cheek would look better against it then my fingers
-Audrey Hepburn or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Audrey for acting and JLH for doing….

-Give us a pick-up line. (No “What’s your sign”): Damn did it hurt……”DID WHAT HURT” When you took the elevator up from HELL BITCH!!!
-Make us laugh: Just look at me…I make many laugh..or just think ABOUT LITTLE ONE!!!...Or think about this Me, naked dancing with Russian Flamingos on the island of HAECHIOSKI with pineapples all around us
-What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? Jump out of a window onto a trampoline……

-Promote somewhere. Anywhere. Go to Costa Rica..the sex is free and hot…and plus I did pretty much every1 down there….. and I definitely am Sex to the Max like WHOA

-What makes you “Sex to the Max”? The fact that I am sexy and people proclaim their love to me all the time….and the fact that Im cool like that….and am a jokster……

Oh yeah, add some pictures if you want. BUT, the British thing is back. IF YOU'RE A HOT BRITISH GUY OF COUSE WE WANT TO SEE YOU....

Tis I David Beckham…
And me and my wife…POSH SPICE
...THats worth some points AM I RIGHT!!


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